I woke up at Glacier Point, and it was my last day at Yosemite National Park. My plan for the day was to spend the morning hiking Mirror Lake in the Tenaya Canyon and head out to the coast across the desert around noon. But first, the first order of business was catching the sunrise at Glacier Point. And what could have been better than Half Dome!


If you haven’t checked out the last three Yosemite trip posts, check them out. You will love the photos! Tunnel View is just awesome, and Yosemite Falls offer an amazing view of the valley including Half Dome, and Half Dome itself is just magnificent.


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Another bright day was promised as the sun rose over Half Dome. It was truly one of the magical places to catch the sunrise…

I got up early enough to make it to the spot where I wanted to catch the sunrise at Glacier Point. Most people usually want to take photos of Half Dome at sunset when they are at Glacier Point. I also did that and was quite happy with the result. But, I also could not miss the sun rising over Half Dome.

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The view of Half Dome and the Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point at sunrise is truly priceless. There was only a handful of people sharing the beautiful moment.

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After the sunset catch, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me around the corner at Glacier Point. A herd of gorgeous deer was hanging out while feeding on plants…

Once I was quite pleased with what I witnessed, it was time to head back to the car and get on with another gorgeous day. Next up – Mirror Lake.

As returning from my sunrise point, I came across a herd of these deer hanging around near the pathway to the parking lot. There were a couple of folks already taking photos of them, and I joined them for a couple of shots as well. It was their breakfast time.


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While walking up Mirror Lake Trail to Mirror Lake, the sound of the water rushing down the creek was rather soothing.

With a plan of leaving Yosemite National Park around noon, I left Glacier Point and drove back into the valley. It was supposed to be a short hike (an hour or so) to Mirror Lake on the loop trail.

When I got there, it just started getting busy with morning hikers. And Tenaya Creek attracted me quite a bit. Instead of walking straight on the trail, I made frequent stops.

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I finally, after those so many stops I made along the way, made it to one of the Mirror Lake. Since it was getting quite warm, the idea of soaking my feet in the water while munching on some snack seemed quite alluring. I took off my Altra Lone Peak and did just that.

Holy macro!

It was freezing cold! I couldn’t keep my feet in the water any longer than 5 seconds.

I wished I could have stayed there for all day taking photos. But it was time to head back.


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The creek was flowing nicely before joining Merced River below…

After 3 days of amazing time at Yosemite National Park, especially Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point, it was time for me to say goodbye to the park and head west. So, I got on Big Oak Flat Road, instead of Wawona Road, which I took when I was coming from the Greater Los Angeles area.

And then I remembered this creek where there were so many small waterfalls. Cascade Creek is off of this road and flows farther down and eventually merges with Merced River way down below. And because of its beauty, this particularly section gets congested quite often, especially with people walking and running across the little bridge in every direction over this creek while taking photos.

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Even if you don’t actually return home by taking this road, consider visiting this creek before leaving the park altogether.

Have you ever caught sunrise at Glacier Point? What was your experience like? Have you hiked Mirror Lake Loop and/or been up higher? Are you planning to visit Yosemite soon? Share your plans!

Thanks for reading.


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