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WordPress Photo Challenge caught my eye today – Magic.

I recently posted Road Trip: Iconic Multnomah Falls, which is Part 5 of the Road Trip series that I am currently producing.

Every night, while taking photos of the Mikly Way or the stars, is magical, to say the least, but I found the night when I was capturing the beauty of Multnomah Falls at night with star trails in the sky was quite magical.

As I wrote it below, it was almost as though fairies would come out and play if I had stayed up a bit longer to wait and watch.

The stars whirled around the sky. The lights lit up this little hideaway. This little haven for fairies to come out and play. The night was young. The only audience waiting for the magical night spectacle was just myself.

And the following is from the recent post.

When I went back to Multnomah Falls, there was no one around.

And there was a strong light directly pointing at the falls from below the observation area. At first I thought it was too bright to work with, but I also saw some timid lights coming through from the the highway, so I decide to give it a shot.

With the star trails in the sky, I thought that Multnomah Falls became a magical shelter that would accommodate the fairies. If I only could stay up so late to catch a sight of them and watch them play…

It was getting late, and I decided to get some sleep for an early wake up call.

I highly recommend you check out the post if you’re interested in Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls. My stay was short but it was definitely one of the memorable stops that I made on this road trip.

I can’t wait to go back and explore other parts of the area.

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